Innova / Saunova Controls

From SAWO controls selection you will find stylish and practical choices for both residential and commercial sauna rooms. SAWO heaters have 3 different choices for controlling:

-Built-in Controls (NB) are attached controls on the heater. It’s a mechanical control for temperature and timer setting.

-Separate controls (NS) are detached from the heaters. They are equipped with several functions and features that enable bathers to adjust humidity and temperature of the sauna.

Separate Control Panel with Built-in Power Controller (Ni2 & Ni) are our latest options for controlling selected heater models. The power controller is located inside the heater, hence there’s less need for electrical wiring. Ni2 heaters (available from 2.3-9.0kW) work perfectly with Saunova 2.0 user interface that can be placed inside or outside the sauna room. For Ni heaters (available from 10.5-24.0kW) you can choose from any of the Innova controls.

Using a separate control with SAWO heaters will let you decide what type of sauna experience you will have. Control features such as temperature, humidity, time, use of fan and light dimmer or even save energy with power consumption counter. When you add additional bench temperature and humidity & temperature sensor you will have even more precise temperature and relative humidity measuring.

Browse through and select the best control for your sauna room.