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1414 Glass Front

Nowadays people in urban areas are living in a limited space. The dwellings become smaller and space is a huge price to pay. The 1414 Front Glass sauna room is petite in size which is best to conserve space.

1414 Glass Front Sauna rooms, though size is small, gives you similar heating effect as the other sauna rooms. The glass design keeps your house interior to look more neat and spacious.
∙ reversible benches, heater location and door opening
∙ 1 clear tempered glass walls
∙ clear tempered glass door
∙ vertical door handle
∙ stainless metal legs as bench support
∙ easy to assemble modular sauna room
∙ with wiring provisions
∙ best for Wall Tower heater
∙ wood: Cedar, Aspen or Spruce
∙ size: 1,4m x 1,4m x 2,3m
∙ code: 1414RS-CD-G (door in Right) /
∙ 1414LS-CD-G (door in Left)