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2020 Glass Front

This size is perfect when choosing sauna room for family use. Sauna is a great place to unwind with family members. Sauna does not only improve health but strengthens the bond of the group. In Finland, it is common that the sauna room becomes a special venue for important meetings and gatherings. Often, big decisions and deals are made inside the sauna room

∙ reversible benches, heater location and door opening
∙ 2 clear tempered glass walls
∙ clear tempered glass door
∙ vertical door handle
∙ stainless metal legs as bench support
∙ easy to assemble modular sauna room
∙ with wiring provisions
∙ best for Round Tower heater
∙ wood: Cedar, Aspen or Spruce
∙ size: 2m x 2m x 2,3m
∙ code: 2020MrL